Thursday, May 19, 2016

KBAR 29: Hisory in Germany

This week, in Tvarozna, there was another flashback, but instead of it being about Cornell, it was about Wilma, Pauline's mother. It talked about that she lived in Hungary all her life and talked about how Hungary was formed. For example, "Hungary was formed from a coalition of ten German, Slavic and Finish-Urgaric tribes that united for protection under the rule of the large group of Urgaric people and their king." I really like how Cres Smith added history to a biography, which made it more interesting. It also talked about how the language was formed, and the influence it gave on people. I predict that there will be other flashbacks of Wilma and Cornell's children and other important characters because the two main characters have flashbacks about them. I think that all time periods give a better understanding of the book and the characters.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

KBAR 28: Everything is Mixed up Just the Way I Like It

In Tvarozna, the flashback ends, and Cornell and Wilma decide to sell their little deli shop so they can go to Tvarozna (in Austria, Hungary). They want to go there because Wilma's mother is there and she is very sick. They want to help out Wilma's mother get better. I am kind of glad they are going to sell their shop because they can never leave to go anywhere and it is a burden on their family. I was surprised that Cornell and his family are going to see Wilma's mother because they only mentioned it a few times and the flashback made me forget about it. Cres Smith is an amazing author because he put things in different orders, including the flashback, and leaving right where he left off, like in the same minute back at the deli shop. I like this book better than others because of the order of the events are mixed around, and you have to think about it. Everything is mixed up just the way I like it.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

KBAR 27: I wish I spoke German

In Tvarozna, one of the characters, Gustav spoke in German. They said ,"Ja Ja csie haben recht." I looked it up and it means "yes, they are right." I thought it was so cool that Gusstav spoke in German in this book. I didn't know my ancestors spoke German. I thought they spoke Czech because they lived in Slovakia. I wish I spoke German. Meanwhile, in Cornell's life, he is getting really mad about the labor laws because the Hungarian government is taking over their country. They told him he has to be an apprentice for a very long time. If I were Cornell, I would go to America with Gustav and Pauline. I already know the answer to this because this part of the book is a flashback. I am happy he went to America, but I want to keep reading to find out his journey along the way.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

KBAR 26: Moves and Movies

In Tvarozna, there was a flash back about Cornell when he was 17. It talked about how he was training as a tailor. He was going to move away out of town to work more. He was nervous about starting a new life and meeting new people. A text to world connection is that most people are nervous if they move, especially if it is a new town and a new life. A text to self connection is that I have moved around a lot. I have lived in 7 different houses. I can really relate to this because I am moving this weekend, but luckily the new house is still in SLO, and I will be going to the same school. I think this book would be a great movie if someone made it into one, because then I could be one of the characters. Also, I think that since my family has pictures of the shop, and most of the characters, we could find similar actors that would be great for each role. There are plot twists throughout and there would be a lot of dialog because the author wrote the book half in dialog which were journal entries. I would be happy to see this book become a classic movie.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Human Agency

I think that human agency shapes a life more than forces beyond our control. I think this because you choose what to do with your life and you choose your actions. I think that if you just go with the flow and you don't try at anything, your life would be completely different than if you choose what to do with it. For example, if you went to school and you chose to do what the teachers asked and followed all of the rules, you are making that choice. But, if you just showed up and just didn't make any decisions, and had people make them for you, you wouldn't really have much of a life at all. I think that stuff happens to you less than the outcomes of the choices you make.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

KBAR 25: Make Wise Decisions

This week In Tvarozna, Wilma has been stressing about what will happen if she leaves her boys and her husband to run the family market. Today, my sister was a doing a project about our family tree. Online, there was a picture of Wilma and Cornell's market. It was almost exactly how I pictured it. Anyway, Cornell wants to sell the store. I don't think this is a good idea because they wouldn't have any money to do anything. I think that it's a good idea to go help Wilma's grandmother, but I if I were them, I would save the money and make a savings account for the trip, or borrow money from other family members. I really hope that Wilma and Cornell make wise decisions with their little market because it is all they have right now. One questin I have for the author is: Did you decide to write this book about Wilma, Cornell, and Paulline, or did you have a prompting or a dream to write this book?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

KBAR 24: Dreams

This week in Tvarozna, Wilma decided in the middle of the night to go to help her mother. She was promoted by a dream with angles and other things saying to do just this. Wilma decided to take Pauline, her daughter, which is my great grandmother. During this chapter, it talked about that Pauline had four brothers, that I never knew about. I am glad that I am reading this book because I am learning a lot about my family from the past. While I was reading, I saw a word that I didn't recognize. The word is wafted. Wafted means to glide or swift in the wind. In the book it says, "The banner wafted and billowed in a strong breeze." This quote was in Wilma's dream that told her to go save her grandmother. In this part of her dream, she was holding up a banner that said, "It was the truth, come." This reminded her that the most important thing in her life was to save her grandmother from her disease. I wish  that I could have dreams that tell me exactly what to do and when to do it, and that could be beneficial to me or people around me.